GWIN: A Cornish word meaning "Wine"

Inspired by ancestral roots and family owned vineyards and winery (Chacewater Winery and Olive Mill), Alex Manuel, his wife Alexandra and long time friends and business partners Rishi Patel and Sean Babin bring you GWIN wine and Beer.  GWIN honors the Manuel's ancestral family roots in Cornwall, England.  Because of their ancestor's adventurous and hardworking nature, we are able to fulfill our passions today.

GWIN will provide a fun, casual, and unique opportunity for wine and beer lovers alike to comfortably enjoy great wines and beers.  We will not only feature wines produced by the Manuel family, but will offer a diverse portfolio of wine and craft beer produced locally in Arizona and across the United States.  Our wine and beer will be complemented by light food offerings, some of which are yet again inspired by ancestral traditions.

We look forward to seeing you!